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Please Fix Me

Please Fix Me: How Hearing God Can Heal You and Set You Free

I used to think that I would never experience happiness in this lifetime.

Growing up, I felt like there was something wrong with me. Things only got worse as I got older. The world seemed to me a very dark place. Life felt painful. I became suicidal. For years, I used to wake up every day wishing that I were dead.

Now, most days, I feel hope and joy. I’ve learned how to really listen to Jesus and how to receive healing for the hurts from my past. I’m coming to know the truth that sets free.

In the first part of this book, I share my struggle with depression and how I was able to find healing and true freedom in Christ. In the second part, I provide prayer exercises that you can do with a partner and I explain how you, too, can get freedom and hope through Jesus Christ.

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Please Fix My Marriage

Please Fix My Marriage

Are you married? Are you unhappy? It is not God’s will for you to have a bad marriage. God wants you to have a great marriage! Jesus came so we could have life to the full. And Jesus offers that to you in your marriage.

Please Fix My Marriage is a short book for people in marriages where the love is ebbing or has vanished completely. ‘Falling out of love’ is not an acceptable reason for divorce, yet fifty plus years in a loveless marriage would be extremely lonely and miserable. The powerful, biblical truths conveyed in this book, along with the corresponding practical tasks, will show you how you can have life to the full in Christ and how you can bring love back into your marriage.

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